Vimpex Launch Signaline FT-EN Linear Heat Detection

Vimpex is delighted to announce the arrival of Signaline FT-EN.

Signaline FT-EN is the new approved range of fixed temperature (digital) linear heat detection and has been approved to EN 54-28: 2016 as a non resettable line type heat detector.

The Signaline FT-EN range consists of two fixed temperature cables, the LocatorPlus-EN and the SL-FT-EOL-EN. Each zone can be up to 1,000m in length and both the LocatorPlus-EN and SL-FT-EOL-EN can monitor two zones.

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VESDA VLS End of Life

Following the launch of the new VESDA-E VES detector, Honeywell Fire Solutions have announced the end of life of the VESDA LaserSCANNER (VLS) range. 

The Honeywell Fire Solutions communication states, “The VESDA VLS has provided unique sector addressability since 1998 to deliver lower cost of Very Early Warning for up to four (4) areas (sectors) within a fire zone. VESDA-E VES provides a superior sector addressable offering and is backward compatible with VLS allowing a seamless conversion.

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BAFE Registered Companies

If you are buying a new fire alarm system or need to purchase a service contract for your existing fire alarm system, then you need to be confident that the contractor you are appointing is qualified to carry out this specialised area of work.

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Upgrade Strategies for Discontinued Menvier MF9300 Series and JSB FX2208 Fire Alarm Panels

If you have got an 8 zone Menvier MF9300 series or a JSB 2208 (Cooper or Eaton FX2208CPD) fire alarm panel installed within your property then it will have been installed some years ago. Like all electronic equipment, sooner or later the fire alarm panel will fail and you will need to replace it. The bad news is that the Menvier MF9300 and JSB FX2208 fire alarm panels were discontinued by Eaton some years ago and a direct like for like replacement fire alarm panel is not available.

However, all is not lost as Eaton have recently issued us with the following advice on how best to approach replacing the Menvier MF9308 and JSB FX2208 (Cooper or Eaton FX2208CPD) fire alarm panels.

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Problems with No Climb Detectortestors Solo battery batons?

We have recently been contacted by a couple of customers who have experienced problems when recharging the No Climb Detectortesters Solo battery batons. We have contacted No Climb Detectortesters, who have provided the following guidance for charging their Solo battery batons...

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Fire Alarm Brands, Managing Obsolescence and Customer Retention

Honeywell hold a portfolio of brands including Gent, Notifier, Morley, VESDA, KAC and System Sensor whilst UTC have collected names such as Ziton, Chubb, Airsense and Kidde. To a large extent Honeywell and UTC have retained the original brand names from their acquired companies. This is not out of sentiment, to me it makes perfect business sense.......

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How to Get Gent Vigilon Fire Alarm Software

We frequently receive enquiries from customers asking if we can supply them with software for Gent Vigilon fire alarm systems.

This can be problematic for specialist fire alarm maintenance companies, who are very likely to come across Gent Vigilon fire alarm panels installed in buildings which they maintain but do not generate enough sales of Gent fire alarm products to qualify as Gent System Integrators.

The answer is actually quite straightforward……………

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