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DT Connect Portal: How It Works


The all new Testifire XTR2 has launched at Fire Trade Supplies! The XTR2 is Testifire’s latest innovation, an all-in-one tester including smoke, heat, hi-heat, combined, sequential and delayed start test models. The XTR2 uses the DT Connect App to create automatic reports, increasing productivity and enhancing user experience. What’s more, DT Connect captures proof of testing so you have an instant overview of work carried out available to share with clients, and manage your devices.


In this blog post, we’re taking a look at the brand new DT Connect Portal, how it works, and how you can make the most of it.

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Get 6 months FREE of DT Connect when you buy the Testifire XTR2!

Note: After 6 month trial period ends, a DT Connect subscription will be needed to continue accessing the full range of features. Testifire XTR2 can also be used without subscription, but with limited features.

About DT Connect

The new Testifire XTR2 can be used alongside DT Connect to give thorough proof of testing, detailed test reports and data insights.

The Portal is a cloud software, giving an instant overview of work carried out. This makes it even easier to share test reports with clients and keep track of your devices. The Portal can be accessed via desktop.

Key Features of DT Connect Portal:

  • Review and manage reports from all test jobs
  • Share reports with clients as a PDF or CSV
  • Manage engineer accounts and Testifire XTR2 registration
  • Upload your company logo to appear on all reports
  • Check Testifire XTR2 health – smoke levels, battery charge and generator life


DT Connect Portal FAQ

What does the web portal do and what is it used for?

The Portal holds records of all the job reports produced by location and technician (digital record of all your reports). All devices and technicians can be set up and managed from the portal.


How do I register a new company and user?

Please go to and click on “create account” and follow the instructions.


How do I add a new technician to my company?

Portal: log in to portal with admin account credentials – go on technicians tab – add new user – insert new user details – add user – this will send a link to the new user’s email – new user can then claim their account through link and set up their password


Can everyone use the portal and access test reports?

Admin access users can access the portal and all test reports. Non admin users cannot access the Portal.


What is the Admin Access tick box?

Admin access allows you to manage the company portal account:

  • Set up new devices
  • Set up new technicians
  • Access all reports
  • Edit details; company or profile details


For how long do I have access to the portal and the test reports?

Admin users have indefinite access to the portal as long as the subscription is maintained. Some features may only be available subject to a monthly subscription.


Do you need to register the tester to a company in the portal? When and how is it done?

Yes – testers need to be registered on the Portal. This is to ensure any testers are registered to one company only so that only the users from that company can use the tester.


Do you need to register your technicians to your company in the portal? Why and how is it done?

Yes technicians need to be set up on the company portal or else they would not be able to use the App. Technicians can set themselves up through the App and link their profile to a company via Company ID, this is for contractor job purposes.


When a technician leaves the company, can you stop them accessing the test reports?

When a technician leaves a company, their account can be disabled by a user with account admin access to ensure that they are not able to access the reports.


Can you edit the test reports in the portal?

Only final notes can be edited in the cloud portal, the individual tests part of the report cannot be edited.

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