Honeywell Gent Conventional Devices

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Showing 1 - 24 of 33 products
19104-52 24V Gent Relay 24V DC Base & Diode
19106-02 Timer Octal Base 2-32 Secs. DOE 24V DC C/W Base
805590-D Gent ES Detector Base
Gent 805590-D Gent ES Detector Base
Sale price£6.10 GBP
CWSO-RR-S1 Red Body Shallow Base Sounder
CWSO-RR-W1 Red Body Deep Base Sounder
CWSO-WW-S1 White Body Shallow Base Sounder
CWST-RR-S5 Red Body Shallow Base Red Sounder
CWST-RR-W5 KAC Red Body Deep Base Base Red Beacon (IP65)
CWST-RW-S5 White Body Shallow Base Base White Beacon
74430-88NM Gent 24v Red Bell
74431-66NM Gent Bell 12V Grey
Gent Conventional Remote LED 781814
800171 Gent ES Heat Detector
19100-02 High Profile Enclosure with DIN rail 125x125x100mm
74432-88NM BELL 24V Red weather resistant
Notifier Sounder Base Conventional NBS4 - Honeywell
PS188 Deep Base O-Ring
Gent PS188 Deep Base O-Ring
Sale price£10.04 GBP
Sounder VAD-Red Base - Red Flash Shallow Base

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