Ziton Fire Panel

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Showing 1 - 24 of 33 products
130101 Ziton ZP3 Stainless Steel Repeater Panel - 24V
205001 ZP3-MODEM  Integral modem on ZP3-ACC-MP mounting chassis
47102 ZP3AB-SCB-R  Serial control bus interface board
48202 ZP3-AB-SCB-D  Repeater driver board
48501 ZP3AB-NET1  Network interface board
48601 ZP3AB-RS232  Serial communication board (RS232)
48701 ZP3AB-MA8  8 way monitored alarm driver board
48801 ZP3AB-RL8  8 way relay board
48901 ZP3AB-MIP8 8 way input board
49901 ZP3-CB1  RS232 port and commissioning keyswitch board
63061 Ziton fire trade supplies
ZP3-CPU1 ziton fire trade supplies
ziton 63802 ZP3-CPU1 CPU for ZP3 (1MB)
Sale price£455.04 GBP
67702 ZP3-PR1  Integral printer for ZP3 panel
69902 ZP3AB-OP24 Output Auxiliary Board
70002 ZP3-AB1  Cabinet for additional ZP3 accessory boards
71501 Ziton ZP3 4 Loop Analogue Panel, 230V, EN54
71601 fire trade supplies
76102 ZP3-FC  Flushing collar for ZP3 panel
80801 ZP3-MB2C-230V-1L  1 loop ZP3 motherboard on chassis
80802 ZP3-MB2C-230V-2L  2 loop ZP3 motherboard on chassis
ZP3-MB2C-230v fire trade supplies
AS87 PC to ZP3 communications cable (RS232)
Key-102 fire trade supplies panel key

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