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The latest launch from Detector Testers has landed at Fire Trade Supplies, the Testifire XTR2. With so many devices on the market, including previous generations of Testifire, we're asking the question: why should you switch to the Testifire XTR2?

What makes the Testifire XTR2 special? 

  • All-in-one testing
  • Automatic test-reports
  • Connection with DT Connect App
  • 50% faster heat testing than previous generation Testifire

Aside from its all-in-one testing function, with the ability to test smoke and heat, the Testifire XTR2 auto-generates test reports to increase productivity on site. Reports are created within the Detector Testers Connect app, capturing the location of site, date, time, test result and notes. Using the DT Connect App makes it even easier to share results with clients and manage your devices - testing has never been more simple.


What do YOU think? 

"It's definitely the future of testing."

So, we've heard what the new Testifire XTR2 has to offer, but what do users really think about their new device? 

  • Users are impressed with the Testifire XTR2's user-friendly touch screen interface
  • The auto-generated reports are useful, increasing trust between engineers and clients due to immediate proof of testing
  • Increased level of control over the test
  • Testing information easy-to-access on mobile app and desktop
  • Quicker testing increases productivity and reduces time spent on-site


Will you switch to Testifire XTR2?

As demonstrated, the Testifire XTR2 is more than a replacement for the Testifire 1000. Testifire XTR2 is your toolkit, streamlined. If you're looking for a device to increase your productivity, showcase your reliability, and elevate your efficiency, look no further than XTR2.


Where can I buy the Testifire XTR2? 

Shop all Testifire XTR2 at Fire Trade Supplies! 

Shop full Testifire XTR2 Collection

Testifire XTR2 All-in-One Kit

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