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Showing 1 - 16 of 16 products
CDBB300 (FXN520) Common Mounting Base
CFB6D24 (MBM246) (FX006)  24v 6" Internal Bell - Red
CFB8D24 (MWB824)  24v 8" Internal Bell - Red
CFR330 (MFR830) (FXN525)  Rate of Rise Heat Detector
CIR301 (FX251D) Remote Indicator Unit
CMT360 (MMT860) (FXN524) Fixed Temperature Heat Detector 77 deg
CPD321 (FXN523) (MPD821) Optical Smoke Detector
CX201 (FX201)(MBG913) Surface Mounting Call Point
CX203 (FX203)  Surface Mounting Call Point - Weatherproof
EOLM-1 Eaton end of line module
FXN922 Optical Multi Sensor (Smoke or Heat - 3 Modes)
MDB800-W Menvier Base
Eaton MDB800-W Menvier Base
Sale price£3.94 GBP
NUG35940 Independent Smoke Detector 5 Year Lithium Battery

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