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Testifire XTR2: FAQs

The brand new Testifire XTR2 has launched at Fire Trade Supplies! This innovative new release from DetectorTesters is designed to streamline the testing process, featuring an all-in-one smoke and heat tester, a hi-heat setting, the brand new DT Connect App, and, better yet – it offers 50% faster heat testing than past Testifire models.

In this blog post, we’ll be going through FAQs about how the Testifire XTR2 works and the testing process.


How does the Testifire XTR2 work?

DetectorTesters say:

“Testifire XTR2 combines testing and reporting to deliver on compliance – giving fire companies and building owners the insight and assurance they demand. During testing, Testifire XTR2 senses the detector LED to confirm the test result – automating the recording of results and pushing the data into a customised report.



Is testing using the Testifire XTR2 faster than previous models?

Smoke generation on Testifire XTR2 is significantly faster and more efficient than older Testifire models, however activation time will vary based on detector type, age, condition, and integration mode.


Can I use my existing Solo poles with Testifire XTR2?

Yes, you can use your existing Solo poles. Testifire XTR2 is compatible with all Solo access poles.

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When should I use the hi-heat setting?

Hi-heat mode is intended to test heat detectors with an activation point of 90 degrees or higher only.


What temperature is hi-heat on Testifire XTR2?

Hi-Heat delivers up to 115°C at centre of cup and takes approximately 20 seconds to reach this temperature.


What temperature is standard heat on Testifire XTR2?

Standard heat on Testifire XTR2 delivers up to 95°C at centre of cup and takes approximately 20 seconds to reach this temperature.


Is heat testing faster with the hi-heat setting?

Both settings increase the heat output at a similar rate. Applying excess heat beyond the detectors configured mode will not necessarily result in faster activation.

PLEASE NOTE: Using the hi-heat setting unnecessarily will significantly reduce the Testifire XTR2 battery life. Heat detectors configured in “rate of rise” mode will not benefit from a higher maximum heat output.

Heat detectors configured with an integration period wait a predefined amount of time before entering alarm and will not necessarily benefit from a higher maximum heat output. Using the hi-heat setting incorrectly will risk melting standard detectors.

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What is clearing?

Clearing mode reduces reactivations by blowing clear through the detector to remove any lingering smoke following a test.


When does the automatic clearing come on?

Clearing will begin automatically after a successful Smoke, Combined, or Sequential test. Testifire XTR2 does not need to be lowered and replaced over the detector for clearing to begin. Simply continue to hold Testifire XTR2 over the detector and Clearing will begin.


How do you stop clearing?
Clearing will stop automatically when the detector is removed from the Testifire XTR2 test cup.


Is there a clearing only setting?

Yes. A manual clearing function is available with the DT Connect App.

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How long is the delayed start timer and can I make it longer or shorter?

By default, the delayed start timer is set to 20 seconds. This can be decreased to 5 seconds or increased to 40 seconds via the DT Connect App only.


Can I change the testing status via the App?

Yes. Using the DT Connect App, the test mode can be selected from the job screen by tapping the “change test” option in the top left hand corner.


Why won’t the tester activate my detector?

Verify that smoke or heat is being produced by placing your hand in the test cup before repeating the test. Check Testifire XTR2 for errors, then verify if the detector is faulty by testing an alternative detector.


Can I test ASD systems with the Testifire XTR2?

Yes. Delayed start mode can be used with the Testifire XTR2 ASD Adaptor to test Aspirating Smoke Detection systems.

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What do the LED colours mean on the Testifire XTR2?

Solid Blue – Smoke standby – indicates the next test will be smoke

Solid Red – Heat or Hi-heat Standby – indicates the next test will be heat or hi-heat

Alternate Solid Blue-Red – Combined smoke-heat standby - indicates the next test will be a combined smoke and heat

Solid Orange – Smoke or ASD standby - indicates the next test will be a Delayed Start smoke test (for ASD and flat detectors)

Solid White – Clearing Standby – indicates the next operation will be clearing

Flashing Blue – Smoke or ASD Testing – indicates Smoke or ASD testing is being performed

Flashing Red – Heat or Hi-Heat Testing – indicates Heat, Hi-Heat or Sequential testing is being performed

Flashing Blue-Red – Combined Smoke-Heat Testing – indicates a dual Smoke and Heat test is being performed

Flashing White – Clearing Testing – indicates Clearing is being performed

Flashing Orange – Smoke or ASD Delayed Start Timer period before test commences

Triple Green Flash – Smoke, ASD, Heat, Hi-heat Test Result Pass Result when detector LED is sensed. Shown until head is removed from detector.

Triple Red Flash – Smoke, ASD, Heat, Hi-heat Test Result Fail Result at test time-out. Shown until head is removed from detector.

Solid Purple – All Error – indicates an error has occurred. Shown until user acknowledge or shut-down.


Testifire XTR2: Sequential Testing

What type of detectors should I use a sequential test on?

Sequential testing is designed for multi-sensor detectors with dual channel notification. This enables you to test each sensor (heat and smoke) one after the other and receive a separate notification for each activation at the fire panel.


How does a sequential test work?

The sequential test made will perform a heat test followed by a smoke test, and then clearing mode. Between tests, Testifire XTR2 will wait a maximum of 30 seconds for the detector to auto-reset and the test cup to become dark before proceeding to the smoke test. If 30 seconds is exceeded, the tester will end the Sequential test.


What can I do if the detector doesn’t reset during a sequential test?

Put the fire panel into test mode to ensure the detector automatically resets after a test. If testing in fire mode, another person is required at the panel to manually reset the system.

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