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DT Connect App: All You Need to Know

The all new Testifire XTR2 has launched at Fire Trade Supplies! XTR2 is Testifire’s latest innovation, an all-in-one tester including smoke, heat, hi-heat, combined, sequential and delayed start test models. The XTR2 uses the DT Connect App to create automatic reports, increasing productivity and enhancing user experience. What’s more, DT Connect captures proof of testing so you have an instant overview of work carried out available to share with clients, and manage your devices.

In this blog post, we’re taking a look at the brand new DT Connect App and Portal, how it works, and how you can make the most of it.

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Note: After 6 month trial period ends, a DT Connect subscription will be needed to continue accessing the full range of features. Testifire XTR2 can also be used without subscription, but with limited features.


About DT Connect

The new Testifire XTR2 can be used alongside DT Connect to give thorough proof of testing, detailed test reports and data insights.

The DT Connect App makes testing and sharing reports easier than ever before.

How does it work?

Reports are automatically generated in the app as Testifire XTR2 testing is carried out. All the data needed for proof of testing is compiled together:

  • Location of site
  • Details of detectors
  • Result & time of each test
  • Date of test
  • Name of engineer

Once a test job is closed, the information is automatically uploaded to the cloud Portal and can be shared with the client.

Other features:

  • Get accurate status information on consumables
  • Adjustable time settings in delayed start mode for testing ASD systems
  • Help and support provided directly from within the app


DT Connect App FAQ:

Where can I download the DT Connect app?

The DT Connect app is available on Google Play or the Apple App Store.


Can I register a new technician on the app?

Yes, a new technician can register through the DT Connect app. They will need the company code to link their profile to the correct company and they will need to select whether they are a full time employee or a contractor to be given the correct user access rights.


Do you need a mobile for this new tester?

Yes. A mobile is required to pair with Testifire XTR2 using the DT Connect App. After initial pairing, Testifire XTR2 can be used without connecting to the DT Connect App.


How do you start testing?

Log in on App – turn on device – pair App to device – click create test – search and select location – select test – press start test on App – use tester device to start test.


How do you change the test mode? For example, changing from smoke detector to heat detector testing?

Once test job is created, the test type can be changed by selecting “Change Test” top left of the mobile screen.


Can you add notes for the individual tests?

Yes, notes can be added to individual tests and in general commentary for test report.


Does the App record results for individual detectors? Is it an asset list with asset history?

Test reports will record the results of each test carried out. If in the notes of each test something is added to identify the individual detectors, then this can form an asset list.


What happens if I forget to submit the test job at the end?

The job will remain open and will be submitted automatically after 7 days.

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Where can I add a job ID / work order for my client?

Job ID can be added in the notes or in the Job Title free text space of the App.


Can I override a test result? For example, the test activated the detector, but the tester did not see the RED LED.

Yes – you can select override and force fail or pass to a test with the addition of comments to explain why.


What do you do if the tester continuously fails to see the RED LED?

Check the unit is in the correct LED detection mode (solid LED or blinking LED). Check for a good seal around the detector with the membrane. Check the standoff plate inside the cup is wiped clean of any dirt & there is no dirt under the standoff plate. It may need replacing if scratched. The App can be used to overwrite a test as PASS and enter in a comment/reason.


Some of my test reports in the app seem to have disappeared, what can I do? 

The app stores test job reports for the past 7 days. The complete history can be found on the cloud portal.

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