Testifire XTR2 All-in-One Connected Smoke/Heat Detector Test Kit

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Testifire XTR2 All-in-one Connected Smoke/Heat Detector Test Kit

Testifire just got better. Designed for ultimate efficiency and productivity, the new Testifire XTR2 is an all-in-one tester that generates automatic reports and proof of testing within the brand new DT Connect App and cloud portal. 

At Fire Trade Supplies, we're proud to introduce the Testifire XTR2 All-in-one Connected Smoke/Heat Detector Test Kit - the ultimate solution for comprehensive and efficient testing of smoke and heat detectors.

Engineered for precision and convenience, this innovative kit revolutionizes the way professionals in the fire industry ensure the functionality of crucial safety equipment.

Product Information

Designed to meet the demands of modern fire safety standards, the Testifire XTR2 combines advanced technology with user-friendly features.

This all-in-one kit allows for seamless testing of both smoke and heat detectors, offering unparalleled versatility and efficiency.

Technical Information

The Testifire XTR2 boasts a range of impressive technical specifications:

  • Connectivity: Equipped with cutting-edge connectivity features, including DTCONNECT technology, the XTR2 enables seamless integration with compatible systems for enhanced monitoring and control.

  • Versatility: With support for a wide range of smoke and heat detector models, the XTR2 is a versatile solution suitable for various applications and environments.

  • Accuracy: Engineered for precision testing, the XTR2 ensures reliable and consistent results, giving users confidence in the integrity of their fire detection systems.

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Spread the word about the Testifire XTR2 and share this innovative solution with your colleagues and peers. Together, we can enhance fire safety standards and ensure the protection of lives and property.

Testifire XTR2 Kit Includes:

Components Included
Testifire-XTR2-HEAD-001 ✔️
Testifire-BP-001 Li-ion Battery Pack ✔️
Testifire-GEN-001 Smoke Generator ✔️
Testifire-CHAK-001 Charger Kit ✔️
TES3 Smoke Cartridge ✔️


Key Features:

Features Included
Works with the DT Connect App ✔️
Includes a 6 month trial of DT Connect* ✔️
Auto generates test report ✔️
Features clearing mode to eliminate repeat alarms ✔️
High heat setting allows for testing of heat detectors set to 100°C ✔️
Auto LED torch for testing in dark areas ✔️


Please Note:

*After 6 month trial period ends a DT Connect subscription will be needed to continue accessing the full range of features. Testifire XTR2 can also be used without subscription, but with limited features.

Explore our collection of Testifire equipment and other essential fire safety products to complement your testing toolkit. With Fire Trade Supplies, you'll find everything you need to maintain and enhance fire detection systems with confidence.

Discover the future of smoke and heat detector testing with the Testifire XTR2 All-in-one Connected Smoke/Heat Detector Test Kit. Order yours today and experience the difference firsthand. Trust Fire Trade Supplies for all your fire safety needs.

Suitable for: 

✓ Smoke

✓ Heat

 Testifire XTR2 Quick Start Guide
Testifire XTR2 Brochure

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