Hochiki Base

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Showing 1 - 24 of 33 products
YBN-R/3 Hochiki Analogue Fire Detector Base
YBN-R/6SK Hochiki Detector Base c/w Schottky Diode
SI/CAP2(WHT) Base Sounder/Isolator Cover (White)
YBO-BS(BLK) Base Sounder - Black case
YBO-BS(WHT) Base Sounder - White case
YBN-R/3(WHT) Sensor Mounting Base (White)
YBN-R/3 Sensor Mounting Base Ivory
YBN-R/3(BLK) Sensor Mounting Base - Black
YBN-R/3 Mounting Base - Ivory
YBO-R-6R Detector Base with Latching Relay
YBO-BSB2/RL Base Sounder Beacon - Ivory case, red LEDs
YBO-BSB2(WHT)/WL Base Sounder Beacon - White case, white LEDs
YBN-R/4IS(WHT) Intrinsically Safe Detector Base - White
YBN-R/3(WHT)-SCI Short Circuit Isolator Base (White)
SI/CAP2 Base Sounder/Isolator Cover (Ivory)
YBO-R/6PA Detector Base for TWIN WIRE System
YBN-R/3 (SCI) Short Circuit Isolator Base (Ivory)
YBO-R-6RN Detector Base with Non Latching Relay
YBN-R/3M Marine Analogue Detector Base
YBN-R/6 Detector Base, No Diode
YBO-R/3(WHT) Mounting Base for wall sounders (White)
YBO-R/3(RED) Hochiki Red Mounting Base for CHQ-WS2

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