Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Each fire alarm system device on an addressable fire alarm system has its own unique address. When a fire alarm input device is triggered, such as a smoke detector or manual call point, the fire alarm control panel identifies the specific address of the device along with a description showing its location.

Addressable fire alarm systems are wired using a loop, both ends being connected into the fire alarm control panel. Input and output fire detection and alarm devices such as smoke detectors, manual call points and electronic sounders can be wired onto the same circuit, which reduces the cost of installation compared to a conventional fire alarm system.

System compatibility is important when ordering addressable fire alarm systems. Addressable fire alarm systems are often categorised by their protocol, being described as either open, managed or closed. The description ‘open protocol’ is commonly used to mean a detector manufacturer who releases their protocol to various fire alarm control panel manufacturers. Manufacturers who fit with this description include Apollo Fire Detectors, Hochiki and Nittan.

Managed protocol addressable fire alarm systems, including Gent, Notifier, Eaton and Ziton offer complete product ranges consisting of fire alarm control panels, smoke detectors, heat detectors, manual call points, electronic sounders and ancillary equipment. These systems are sold through appointed system integrator companies who have access to system software and training.

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Apollo Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Apollo Fire Detectors manufacture two ranges of analogue addressable fire alarm detectors, Apollo XP95 and Apollo Discovery. The ranges include smoke detectors, heat detectors, manual call points, electronic sounders, beacons and VADs. Apollo addressable fire alarm detectors can be used on panels manufactured by a number of companies including Advanced, Kentec and C-tec.

Gent Vigilon Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

The Gent Vigilon addressable fire alarm system is a feature packed analogue addressable fire alarm system which offers medium to large sized building owners the latest in fire alarm system flexibility and control panel aesthetics. 

As well as providing the user with clear comprehensive information in the event of a fire, Gent Vigilon additionally provides an entire historic log of the fire alarm system’s management information. Should a fire alarm system fault occur a detailed explanation is shown and the user can at any time navigate through the faults history.

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