CWST-RR-W5 KAC Red Body Deep Base Base Red Beacon (IP65)


Sale price$49.00 USD


Optical signaling device compliant with EN 54-23 for wall and ceiling mounting with red lamp color and flat base. The signaling device is suitable for square signal ranges W-2.4-6.2 and cylindrical signal ranges C-3-9.4 / C-6-8.2.

  • EN 54-23 Compliant
  • C&W Category Compliant
  • Synchronous Flash Trigger
  • Up To 6.2m Room Width For Wall Mounting
  • Up To 9.4m Room Diameter For Ceiling Mounting
  • IP65 rated

Also available as part of the Gent range of conventional visual devices.


Click here for the Specification sheet for the CWST-RR-W5

KAC’s conventional beacons and sounder beacons feature high output LED’s, state of the art & ingenious optical lenses, this all comes together to provide exceptional omni-directional coverage from the LED’s whilst utilising a low draw current from the sounder circuit. These devices have been specifically designed & approved to the high standards of EN54-23, the ENscape beacons delivery incredible quality, trustworthiness as well as a long operational lifespan. If you cannot find what you are looking for or if you require more assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on +443300563094 or email us on

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