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Manufactured by Honeywell Gent, the Gent Conventional S-Quad Rate of Rise Heat Detector is the from the new range of ES Detect line from Gent. Designed to work in conjunction with a Xenex panel, it replaces the previous Vision 20/20 range.

The rate of rise heat detector provides reliable quick detection of fires which heat rises quickly. It has a fast semiconductor sensor to support this as well as decentralised intelligence, automatic function self-test, alarm and operations data storage and alarm display. A remote indicator can also be connected.

Rate of Rise Heat Detector - Gent Conventional S-Quad Technical Specification:

  • Able to adapt to various types of fire with highly sensitive multi-sensors
  • Large distance between signal and interference magnitudes due to special sensor and electronics design for suppressing electromagnetic influences
  • Able to adapt to different environments

Rate of Rise Heat Detector - Gent Conventional S-Quad price: stated above.

Part Number: 800271

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