SA4700-102APO Intelligent Input/Output Module

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SA4700-102APO Intelligent Input/Output Module

At Fire Trade Supplies, we know that your safety is of utmost importance. We pride ourselves in providing top-of-the-range fire products that meet all your fire safety needs.

Among our prized collections is the Apollo Fire Alarms, a series revered for its top-quality and reliability.

One of the indispensable components of these fire alarms is the Apollo Input Output Unit.

What is the Apollo Input Output Unit?

Essentially, this module is designed to bridge the gap between fire detection systems and external devices or equipment.

It serves as the all-important interface, monitoring single pole, volt-free contact inputs, and controlling relay output contacts.

This Apollo xp95 interface is a critical element in the robust Apollo xp95 range, which also includes the renowned Apollo Optical Smoke Detector XP95 and the Apollo XP95 Sounder Beacon Base.

Functionality Note: Always remember that the Apollo Input Output Unit is a connection hub that facilitates seamless communication between the fire alarm and any external devices.




Supply voltage (Vmin–Vmax)

17–35 V dc with Protocol 5–13 V peak to peak

Power-up surge current

900 µA

Quiescent current

500 µA

Maximum current with LEDs On

3.5 mA

Maximum current with LEDs disabled

500 µA

Relay output contact rating

1 A at 30 V dc or ac

Isolator data

See the Short-Circuit Isolation datasheet PP2090 for details

Operating temperature range

From - 40°C to + 70°C

Humidity tolerance

Can withstand 0% to 95% RH without condensation or icing

Vibration, impact and shock compliance

EN 54-17, EN 54-18

IP rating


Standards and approvals

EN 54-17, EN 54-18, CPR, LPCB, VdS, BOSEC, SBSC, FG


60 mm height x 150 mm width x 90 mm depth


244 g


Certifications and Standards

The Apollo xp95 input output unit, known by its model number SA4700-102APO, adheres to stringent industry standards.

It meets EN 54-17 and EN 54-18 certifications, which means it fulfills the necessary requirements for fire detection and alarm systems.

Not only that, it also complies with the failsafe requirements specified in BS 7273-4, guaranteeing its reliable operation even during power failures or faults.

Safety Tip: Always verify that your Apollo Input/Output Unit is certified to meet the necessary industry standards for optimal safety and functionality.

The Apollo Input Output Unit is compliant with a variety of industry standards and approvals, reinforcing its commitment to safety, quality, and performance.

The following table outlines these certifications:



EN 54-17

This European standard specifies requirements and laboratory tests for the control and indicating equipment to be used with fire detection and fire alarm systems.

EN 54-18

This European standard specifies requirements, test methods, and performance criteria for input/output devices connected to fire detection and fire alarm systems.


The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) is a regulation of the European Union that sets basic requirements for safety, health, and environmental protection for construction products in the EU.


The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) has been working with industry and government for more than 100 years to set standards necessary to ensure that fire and security products and services perform effectively.


VdS is an independent certification body. They offer certifications for products, services, and management processes with an emphasis on fire protection and security.


BOSEC (Belgian Organization for Security Certification) is a Belgian certification body that offers third-party certification services for fire protection products and related services.


The Swedish Fire and Security Certification Board (SBSC) is an independent certification body that offers third-party certification for fire protection and security products.


FG is a standard that ensures products meet the highest levels of safety and security.

Design and Installation

One of the standout features of this input unit and output unit is its ergonomic design.

Streamlined to facilitate easier wiring, this design consideration also aids in a quicker installation process, saving you valuable time.

It's no surprise that this feature is part of the Apollo Fire Alarms collection, a range celebrated for its user-friendly designs.

In terms of mounting, the Apollo Input Output Unit allows for both semi-flush and surface mounting, offering versatility to accommodate different architectural setups and environments.

Installation Note: The Apollo Input Output Unit's ergonomic design and flexible mounting options contribute to a streamlined installation process.


The compatibility of the Apollo Input Output Unit extends to the XP95, Discovery, and CoreProtocol fire detection systems.

This ensures its seamless integration and interoperability, providing you with a fire detection system that works harmoniously to ensure your safety.

Compatibility Tip: Choose the Apollo Input Output Unit for its wide-ranging compatibility with other fire detection systems.


Device Behaviour

XP95† /Discovery†





This compatibility ensures the Apollo Input Output Unit's flexibility and adaptability, making it a robust solution for different environments and fire detection system setups 

Our commitment to quality, standards, and user-centric design at Fire Trade Supplies is what sets us apart.

With the Apollo Input Output Unit and our broad range of other fire safety products, we ensure your safety is always our priority. Get in touch with us for all your fire safety.

Apollo Input output unit SA4700-102APO Specifications:

Apollo Input Output Unit

 Date Sheet

Apollo Input Output unit data sheet

Apollo Input Output Unit

 Installation Guide 


Apollo input output installation guide


Apollo Input Output Unit

BIM Files



Apollo short-circuit isolation datasheet





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