Apollo Optical Smoke detector XP95 Range (55000-600)

ApolloSKU: 55000-600

With Or Without Base: Detector Only
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Manufactured by Apollo, this Apollo XP95 Optical Analogue Smoke Detector 55000-600 uses an internal pulsing LED and a photo-diode at an obtuse angle. In the event of smoke entering the chamber, the light pulse from the LED will be scattered and registered by the photo-diode. A signal is generated and transmitted digitally to the control equipment. The XP95 Optical detector is unaffected by wind or atmospheric pressure and operates over the temperature range -20 to +60 degrees C.

Apollo XP95 Optical Analogue Smoke Detector 55000-600 product specifications / product detail are as follows:

Manufacturer: Apollo
Part Number: 55000-600
Number of Products: Pack of 1 Smoke Detector

Benefits / Details of Apollo XP95 Ionisation Smoke Detector 55000-500 include:

  • Apollo 55000-600APO
  • Quick detection of fire
  • Well suited for bedrooms and escape routes
  • Unaffected by the wind or atmospheric pressure
  • Simple to address using xpert base card
  • Easy to see LED indicator
  • Base supplied separately
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