COMPACT-PLUS Vigilon Compact 1-2 Loop Control Panel (1 loop fitted)


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COMPACT-PLUS Vigilon Compact 1-2 Loop Control Panel: The Ultimate Fire Safety Solution

At Fire Trade Supplies, your safety is our priority. We take pride in being a multi-brand store, offering a comprehensive range of fire safety equipment from globally recognized brands.

One such innovative product is the COMPACT-PLUS Vigilon Compact 1-2 Loop Control Panel from our collection of Honeywell Gent devices.

This high-performing fire alarm control panel is designed to deliver reliable performance and enhanced safety.

Product Overview

The COMPACT-PLUS is a 1-2 loop control panel from the Gent range.

This system is designed to accommodate up to 200 devices on each loop, making it a powerful and versatile option for both small and large spaces.

The package comes with 1 fitted gent compact loop card, offering an immediate solution for your safety needs.

Features of COMPACT-PLUS

Integral EN54-4 PSU and battery standby for 24 hours (4 loop)
Integral EN54-4 PSU for 72 hours with external batteries (6 loop)
Vigilon’s advanced sensing technology and powerful software processing in the panel quickly identifies real fires
PC based commissioning tools allow complex fire plans to be configured
Advanced loop card technology allows for system status monitoring and diagnostics
Vigilon Plus can also be supplied in a range of custom color outer doors
The control panel has a simple user interface with LCD screen providing accurate information in an emergency
Multiple panel networks can be programmed seamlessly as one system, allowing for flexible design and system management
Flexible programming options are available at the panel
All Vigilon devices connect onto the same two core loop, separate sounder or repeater panel wiring circuits are not required
In the event of a fire or fault, Vigilon’s analogue addressable technology will provide a detailed log of events
PC based Graphics user interface (GUI) available
Extended event log using flash memory card

Size Options

The Vigilon Plus Control Panels offer flexible size options to suit a variety of requirements. These panels are available in 3 sizes:

  • 2 loops
  • 4 loops
  • 6 loops

Each size can manage a specific number of devices, giving you the flexibility to choose the option that best meets your specific needs.

This diversity in sizes ensures you get the compact plus solution that is best suited for your specific space.


Compact Plus 2 Loop

Vigilon Plus 4 Loop Panel

Vigilon Plus 6 loop panel

Vigilon Plus Repeat Panel







200 with Alarm Current 800mA (Max Alarm current across both loops 1.2 A)

200 with an alarm current of up to 800mA (Equivalent to 100 sensor sounders VADs)

200 with an alarm current of up to 800mA (Equivalent to 100 sensor sounders VADs)

Max 4 per loop


2 x 12Ah

2 x 21Ah

4 or 8 x 21Ah

1 x 7Ah


24hrs +30 mins in alarm

24 hours + 30 minutes alarm upgradeable to 72 hours

72 hours + 30 minutes alarm

72 hours


12 Kg (inc batteries)

22 Kg (inc batteries)

10.2 Kg (panel only) and 31 Kg (battery enclosure inc four batteries)

9Kg (inc batteries)







Top and rear knock-ins

Top and rear knock-ins

Top and rear knock-ins

Top and rear knock-ins


EN54 Parts 2 & 4 - EN54-2 requires that Vigilon 4 & 6 loop panels are restricted to max. 512 sensors and call points

EN54 Parts 2 & 4 - EN54-2 requires that Vigilon 4 & 6 loop panels are restricted to max. 512 sensors and call points

EN54 Parts 2 & 4 - EN54-2 requires that Vigilon 4 & 6 loop panels are restricted to max. 512 sensors and call points


Standby Capacity

Standby capacity is a crucial aspect of fire safety systems, and the Vigilon Plus Control Panels don't disappoint.

The Compact Plus 2 loop panels and Vigilon Plus 4 loop panels are equipped with an integrated 24-hour standby capacity.

If you need a more robust solution, the 6-loop panel offers full 72-hour standby capacity, providing extended backup and enhancing your safety.

Advanced Networking Options

The COMPACT-PLUS panel is not just a standalone system.

It offers advanced networking options, allowing the networking of up to 200 panels in a multi-domain structure.

This structure can incorporate either copper or optic fiber connections, delivering a robust and efficient system that guarantees optimal performance.

The gent vigilon compact system is your solution to creating an interconnected and responsive fire safety network.

User Interface

User-friendliness is at the heart of the COMPACT-PLUS design.

The control panel features a back-lit LCD display that provides clear indications of fire or fault locations.

This display is an innovative 8-line x 40-character panel, equipped with a push-button keypad for easy use.

Software and Programming

The Vigilon system includes PC-based commissioning tools that allow for the configuring of complex fire plans.

Through advanced gent compact loop card technology, the system allows for real-time status monitoring and diagnostics.

This ensures your system is always ready to respond to any potential threat, providing you with an added layer of security.


The COMPACT-PLUS is fully compatible with Honeywell Gent's S-Quad range, a revolutionary product line that combines multi-sensor technology with speech, sounder, and visual alarm devices in one intelligent unit.

By integrating these technologies, the system provides a comprehensive and responsive fire safety solution.

Additional Accessories

To enhance the functionality of the COMPACT-PLUS, we offer a range of related products and accessories.

These can be purchased separately and include the Compact Fire Panel, LCD Repeat Panel, replacement parts, commissioning lead, inner and outer door assemblies, spares pack, lock, and terminal node for panel networks.

Additionally, products such as S4-911-V VAD HPW and S3-S VAD HPW R Gent make great companions to this system.

The COMPACT-PLUS Vigilon Compact 1-2 Loop Control Panel is a testament to Fire Trade Supplies' commitment to delivering top-quality and reliable fire safety solutions.

Whether you're looking for a compact yet powerful fire safety solution, or an extensive fire safety network, the sla panel plus and our wide range of Honeywell Gent products are your go-to choice.

Browse our collection and get in touch for more information on how to secure your space with our expert solutions.

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