Honeywell Gent COMPACT-LPC-EN Additional Loop Card (2km)


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Expand Your Fire Safety System with the Gent Compact-LPC-EN Loop Card

Fire Trade Supplies, the leading multi-brand store, proudly stocks the remarkable Compact-LPC-EN Gent Additional Loop Card, a fire safety product that stands out among the rest in our vast Honeywell Gent collection.

Product: Gent Compact-LPC-EN Loop Card

The Compact-LPC-EN is more than just a product. It's a beacon of reliability and safety in an unpredictable world. The product carries the renowned Gent hallmark, indicating its impeccable quality and dependable functionality.

"The Gent Compact-LPC-EN is a testament to GENT's commitment to fire safety and innovation."

Manufacturer: GENT

Honeywell Gent logo

GENT is a manufacturer renowned for its innovation and reliability in fire safety equipment. Their product range has continually set industry standards, inspiring confidence among both consumers and industry professionals alike. The Compact-LPC-EN Loop Card is another testament to their unrivaled expertise and commitment to safety.

Product Code: Compact-LPC-EN

Recognizing a GENT product is easy with their unique product codes. The Compact-LPC-EN is a unique identifier signifying the addition of an essential loop card to your Gent Vigilon Compact fire alarm control panel.

Description: Compact-LPC-EN in Action

The Gent COMPACT-LPC-EN is a single loop card specifically designed for use with the Gent Vigilon Compact fire alarm control panel. Its function is simple but essential—it allows the addition of an additional loop circuit onto the panel.

Given the Vigilon Compact Panel's maximum capacity of 2 loop cards, the Compact-LPC-EN is a must-have for anyone seeking to expand their fire safety network.

In comparison to other fire safety products, like the S4-711-V VAD-HPW, this additional loop card plays a distinctive role.

While devices like the S4-711-V VAD-HPW are visual alarm devices designed to notify individuals of fire hazards, the Compact-LPC-EN adds additional capacity to the system, ensuring more extensive coverage.

Key Features: Compact-LPC-EN's Distinct Advantages

Possessing the Compact-LPC-EN offers a wealth of benefits to its user:

  1. EN54 pt 23 compliance: The Compact-LPC-EN proudly adheres to the EN54 Part 23 standard, the European standard for fire detection and alarm systems. It's a badge of quality assurance, assuring users of the loop card's reliability and effectiveness.

  2. System Expansion: The Compact-LPC-EN is an invaluable asset for expanding the Vigilon Compact and Compact Plus fire alarm systems. It increases the system's potential, providing a means to broaden the safety network to cover a wider area.

  3. Compatibility: The Compact-LPC-EN demonstrates remarkable compatibility with a range of Gent devices, making it an ideal addition to existing systems. For instance, it works seamlessly with visual alarm devices like the S4-911-V VAD-HPW, enhancing its effectiveness.

Investing in the Compact-LPC-EN Gent Additional Loop Card, also referred to as the Gent COMPACT-LPC Loop Card for Legacy Vigilon Compact, is a smart move towards ensuring maximum safety in your space. By adding this compact yet highly efficient piece of equipment to your fire safety system, you're significantly increasing your system's capacity and coverage.

Expand your fire safety system today with the Gent Compact-LPC-EN Loop Card. It's not just a purchase—it's a commitment to safety.

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