S3-VAD-HPW-R S3 Honeywell Gent ip66 VAD


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What type of sounder is the Gent S3-S-VAD-HPW-R?

The sounder in question is a high power visual alarm device (VAD) called the Gent Vigilon HPW. It is a certified product by Honeywell and is designed to provide both audible and visual alerts in emergency situations. The device features an adjustable sounder and light coverage, ensuring that the alarms are easily noticeable in any environment.

The Gent Vigilon HPW comes in two variations: a red body with a white lens and a white body with a red lens. It also has an integrated voice feature that can broadcast pre-recorded messages or live instructions.

With its high power and reliable performance, the Gent Vigilon HPW is an ideal choice for industrial, commercial, and public safety applications.


What color is the body of the Gent S3-S-VAD-HPW-R?

The body of the sounder can come in different colors depending on the specific model and brand. However, if we are referring to a specific model, such as the Gent Vigilon high power visual alarm device, it is available in three different body colors: red, white, and red/white.

The red body model comes with a red lens while the white body model comes with a white lens. Additionally, the red/white body model has a red lens on one side and a white lens on the other.

All three models come with an adjustable sounder and an integrated voice option. The Gent Vigilon high power visual alarm device is a certified product from Honeywell and provides excellent light coverage and alarm sounder capabilities.


Gent S3-S-VAD-HPW-R: The Ultimate Sounder for Fire Alarm Systems

What features does the Gent S3-S-VAD-HPW-R have?

The Gent Vigilon High Power Visual Alarm Device (Gent S3-S-VAD-HPW-R) is a certified and highly effective notification appliance designed to provide visual and audible alerts in emergency situations. This device features a red or white body with either a red or white lens, which allows for customizable light coverage based on your specific needs.

The HPW VAD is equipped with an integrated voice message system that allows for adjustable sounder levels and message playback. This ensures that occupants are alerted in a clear and concise manner, regardless of their location within the building.

The adjustable sounder levels are a distinctive feature of the Gent S3-S-VAD-HPW-R, offering flexibility in the volume of audible alerts. The sounder is capable of producing a loud and clear alarm sound, ensuring that even those with hearing impairments can be alerted effectively.

The HPW VAD is also designed with a high-power LED light source, which provides excellent visibility in low-light conditions. This feature is especially vital in emergency situations where visibility may be compromised.

In summary, the Gent Vigilon HPW VAD is an integrated and highly effective notification appliance, featuring a customizable body and lens design, an adjustable sounder with integrated voice messaging, and a high-power LED light source. This device is a reliable and valuable asset in any emergency notification system.

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