69902 ZP3AB-OP24 Output Auxiliary Board

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The ZP3AB-OP24 is one of a series of additional, auxiliary boards designed to extend the ZP3 panel standard range of input/output facilities. Boards are modular in design, and are mounted inside teh ZP3 panel enclosure, by means of a ZP3-AC1 auxiliary chassis.

Up to three boards can be fitted into a ZP3 panel. They may be all of a single type, or any combination from the I/O module range. The addition of auxiliary boards can increase the panel outputs to a maximum of 72 all housed within the ZP3 enclosure. Further boards can be added to a system, accomodated ina remote control cabinet, usually located alongside the ZP3 panel. Various sized cabinets are available designed to match teh control panel enclosure. Each ZP3 panel has the ability to operate up to 896 outputs, of which 768 are programmable.

The ZP3AB-OP24 offers 24 programmable, transistorised, open collector outputs. Designed to drive small current devices with resistive loads, each output is equipped with a jumper switch, which when removed reduces the outputs normal rating of 18mA down to 8mA to enable LED indicators to be directly connected. Power to operate modules can be provided internally from the control panel.

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