48701 ZP3AB-MA8 8 way monitored alarm driver board

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Ziton ZP3AB-MA8 Eight Way Programmable Sounder Driver Board

The ZP3AB-MA8 is one of a series of additional, auxiliary boards designed to extend the ZP3 panel standard range of input/output facilities. Boards are modular in design, and are mounted inside the ZP3 panel enclosure, by means of a ZP3-AC1 auxiliary chassis.

The ZP3AB-MA8 is designed to extend a standard ZP3 control panel by a further 8 alarm outputs, each individually programmable. The maximum power rating for each sounder circuit is 1 Amp.

Each eight way sounder board is allocated an address by switch settings provided on the PCB. Individual outputs (within the board address) are programmed in the system's cause and effect software set up. Visual indication of alarm active and output fault is given by LEDs for each output.


  • Eight programmable sounder circuits
  • Up to three modules within panel enclosure
  • Up to three modules within panel enclosure
  • 1 amp per circuit sounder loading
  • LED indication for each output

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