71601 ZP3-RDU Ziton ZP3 Repeater Panel - 24V

ZitonSKU: 71601

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Designed to match the ZP3 main control panel, the ZP3-RDU remote display is an attractive, low profile unit providing repeat indication and system control
at a location remote from the main control panel position. Housed in a small, slim enclosure, the remote unit has a fascia design and layout in matching style to ZP3 control equipment. Up to 32 remote units can be connected to any central panel. The unit features zonal designation for up to 50 zones, a 4 row 160 character, back lit liquid crystal display and an 'at a glance' system status LED matrix. Controls are provided for accept, reset, silence and sound alarms. A restore disabled alarms facility re-enables previously disabled alarm sounders immediately, should the need for an evacuation arise.

  • ZP3 Repeater Panel (LCD & Controls)
  • Requires 24V Supply
  • Main Control Panel Requires A ZP3-AB-SCB-D Repeater Panel Driver To Be Installed In The Main Control Panel

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