Xtralis Vesda

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Showing 1 - 24 of 58 products
VHH-100 VESDA Handheld Programmer with Leads
002-492-282 HRZ-8e 8 Zone Conventional Panel
VSP-001 Vesda Handheld Programmer
VHX-0200 VESDA PC Link HLI with Leads
VLS-600 VESDA FD7 Scanner with FOK LEDs
VLS-700 VESDA FD12 Scanner with FOK LEDs
VLS-204 FD7 Scanner + Display
Xtralis VLS-204 FD7 Scanner + Display
Sale price£3,835.52 GBP
VLS-204 FD7 Scanner + Display
VLS-304 FD12 Scanner + Display
Xtralis VLS-304 FD12 Scanner + Display
Sale price£3,998.08 GBP
VLS-314 FD12 Scanner + Programmer + Display
VPS-215 24Volt 1 amp Power Supply Unit
VPS-220 24Volt 2 amp Power Supply Unit
VLP-400 VESDA Laserplus Detector with FOK LEDs
VLP-002 Detector + Display
Xtralis VLP-002 Detector + Display
Sale price£1.20 GBP
VLP-012 Detector + Programmer + Display
VRT-A10 VESDA Analogue Output Module
VRT-200 VESDA Remote Display (7 relays)
VRT-300 VESDA Remote VESDAnet Socket
VRT-400 VESDA Remote Scan Display (7 relays)
VRT-600 VESDA Remote Display No Relays

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