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Showing 1 - 24 of 61 products
VHH-100 VESDA Handheld Programmer with Leads
VHX-0200 VESDA PC Link HLI with Leads
VHX-0300 VESDA PC Link HLI with Leads (Open Protocol)
VHX-0310 VESDA PC Link HLI Open Protocol Master/Slave
VESDA VHX-0320 PC Link HLI Access Protocol
VESDA VHX-0400 Modbus MK1 HLI
Xtralis VHX-0400 VESDA Modbus MK1 HLI
Sale price£979.84 GBP
VESDA VHX-0410 Modbus HLI for Darwish and Honeywell only
VESDA VHX-0420 PC Link HLI Modbus MK3
VESDA VHX-1200 VESDAnet Socket and HLI in enclosure
VHX-1300 VESDA Metal Box HLI Peer to Peer
VHX-1310 VESDA Metal Box HLI Master-Slave
VESDA VHX-1320 Metal Box HLI Access Protocol
VESDA VHX-1420 Metal Box HLI Modbus Type 3
VIC-010 VESDAnet Interface Card
VIC-020 VESDA Multi-function Control Card
VIC-030 VESDA Multi-function Control Card with MPO
VLC-400 Apollo Compact
VLC-500 Compact Detector Relays Only Version
VLC-505 Compact Detector VESDAnet Version
VLF-250-00 VESDA VLF Laserfocus Small Area Detector

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