VHX-1420 VESDA Metal Box HLI Modbus Type 3

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VESDA Modbus Type 3 High Level Interface

The VESDA Modbus Type 3 High Level Interface (HLI) integrates VESDAnet1 network with host monitoring platforms such as Building Management Systems (BMSs) and Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACPs).

The Modbus Type 3 HLI acts as a proxy for all VESDA devices on the VESDAnet network, providing access to the rich status information that is available from VESDA detectors as well as the ability to control and configure these devices. Alarms are reported to the host within a few seconds of a detector reaching an alarm condition. Exact performance is dependent on the polling strategy and size of the monitored network. The Modbus Type 3 HLI is able to support up to 100 VESDA detectors on a single VESDAnet network.

The VESDA zone equates to the Modbus address field and allows the host to retrieve the overall status of the VESDAnet network as well as performing certain VESDA device configuration updates. The host is able to monitor and control VESDA devices on the VESDAnet network by reading and writing into registers in the Modbus map.

VHX-1420 Wall-Mounted Modbus Type 3 HLI

The wall-mounted version is housed in a metal enclosure allowing for permanent mounting on a flat surface. With a built-in VESDAnet interface you don’t need a remote VESDAnet socket module making the wall-mounted HLI a cost effective solution to your interface requirements.

VHX-0420 Modbus Type 3 HLI

A standard unit used to provide a flexible solution where permanent mounting is not required. In this case a VESDAnet socket interface is required to connect the HLI onto the VESDAnet network.

Click here for the VESDA VHX-1420 PC Link HLI Modbus MK3 datasheet

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