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Showing 1 - 24 of 28 products
MCP1A-R470SG-STCK-01 Redd Surface Call Point 470 ohm
K20GSS-11 KAC Green 2 Position Keyswitch (Trapped key)
K30SYS-33 KAC Yellow 3 Position Firemans Vent (Trapped key)
K20SRS-01 Red 2 Position Keyswitch (Untrapped key)
M8A-G000SF Green Surface Resettable Call Point Triple Pole
K20SYS-11 KAC Yellow 2 Position Keyswitch (Untrapped key)
MCP3A-Y000SG11 Yellow Surface Call Point (No Resistor)
K21SAS-01 KAC Orange 2 Position Keyswitch (Trapped key)
K21SWS-11 White 2 Position Keyswitch (Trapped key)
WCP3A-G0000SG11 KAC Green IP67 Call Point (no resistor)
CCP-E Hochiki Conventional Manual Call Point
KAC/G/HE Glass Element for Call Point - with Hochiki Logo
MCP1A-R470FG-STCK-01 Red Flush Call Point 470 ohm
CCP-SAVWIRE Hochiki Conventional 2 Wire Manual Call Point
MCP4A-G000SG11 Green Double Pole Surface MCP
K21SRS-01 Green 2 Position Keyswitch (Trapped key)
MCP3A-B000SG11 Blue Surface Call Point (No Resistor)
WCP1A-R470SG01 Red IP67 Call Point 470 ohm
M8A-G000SG Green Surface Glass Call Point Triple Pole
W3A-R000SG-K013-81 Intrinsically Safe IP67 Rated Call Point
MCP3A-G000SG12 Green Emergency Door Release Glass

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