VEU-A00 Vesda-E VEU - Four Pipe Detector with LED's Display - Silver

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Experience Top-tier Fire Detection with the Silver Vesda-E VEU VEU-A00 Four Pipe Detector

Welcome to Fire Trade Supplies, your trusted hub for quality fire detection technology. Today, we're introducing the Silver Vesda-E VEU VEU-A00 Four Pipe Detector with LED's Display, an exceptional device engineered for top-tier fire safety.

A Comprehensive Look at the Silver Vesda-E VEU VEU-A00

Our Silver Vesda-E VEU VEU-A00 Four Pipe Detector embodies innovative design and advanced technology. Its 2 programmable GPIs allow for adaptable remote control, making it a strategic addition to any fire prevention setup. One of our many satisfied customers had this to say:

"The Silver Vesda-E VEU VEU-A00 Four Pipe Detector with LED's Display provides peace of mind while integrating seamlessly with our existing fire safety measures. A must-have for any facility committed to comprehensive fire prevention."

Uncover the Benefits of Vesda-E VEU Detectors

The Vesda-E VEU series detectors are distinguished for their extensive sensitivity range, setting them apart from conventional fire detection systems.

#The detector's ability to provide enhanced coverage in high airflow applications, coupled with its extended linear pipe runs and branched pipe network configurations, ensure a comprehensive protection against fire hazards.

What's more, the VEU detectors are equipped with a robust enclosure housing a powerful aspirator, opening up avenues for integration with various software applications. The remote monitoring capabilities make these detectors an invaluable asset to your fire prevention strategy.

Explore the Specifications of the VEU-A00 Detector

The Vesda-E VEU VEU-A00 Detector stands out with its exceptional specifications. It employs state-of-the-art flair detection technology and multi-stage filtration. Four alarm levels provide graduated alerts based on threat severity, while the LCD icon display, flow fault thresholds, and event log contribute to a user-friendly experience.

Moreover, the detector's AutoLearn™ smoke and flow feature, coupled with compatibility with VLP and VESDAnet, offers seamless operation and networking. The detector's diverse connectivity options make integration with any fire prevention system effortless.

Maximum Pipe Length for number of pipes in use:

Maximum Pipe Lengths Depending on Number of Pipes in Use

Fire Trade Supplies boasts an extensive collection of related products and accessories to complement your Silver Vesda-E VEU VEU-A00 Four Pipe Detector. Our selection includes aspirating detection pipework and bends, touch screen display detectors, and replacement filters to ensure your system's optimum performance. Mounting brackets, aspirators, smoke detection chambers, and sampling modules are also available to provide a comprehensive fire detection solution.

We're Here for You: Information and Support

At Fire Trade Supplies, our commitment to customers extends beyond sales. We offer robust technical support, detailed delivery information, and complete transparency about our privacy policy, cookie policy, returns, terms and conditions. Our goal is to provide an open line of communication with our customers, ensuring your satisfaction at every interaction.

Experience the convenience and peace of mind offered by our fire detection solutions. Visit our website today to discover our wide range of products and services.

Sure, here's a unique way of presenting the information in a table:

Feature Description
Flair detection technology Provides reliable early warning in various environments with minimal nuisance alarms
Multi-stage filtration and optical protection Incorporates clean air barriers for lifetime detection performance
Alarm levels Four alarm levels and ultra-wide sensitivity range for optimal protection
LCD icon display Offers intuitive status information for immediate response
Flow fault thresholds Accommodates varying airflow conditions per port
On-board filter Retains dust count and remaining filter life for predictable maintenance
Event log Extensive storage (20,000 events) for event analysis and system diagnostics
AutoLearn™ smoke and flow Enables reliable and rapid commissioning
Referencing Accommodates external environmental conditions to minimize nuisance alarms
Compatibility Backward compatible with VLP and VESDAnet
Remote monitoring Features iVESDA for system review and proactive maintenance
Ethernet Allows connectivity with Xtralis software for configuration, secondary monitoring, and maintenance
Secondary monitoring via WiFi An industry first feature in aspirating detectors
USB connectivity Facilitates PC configuration, firmware upgrades via memory stick
Programmable GPIs Two GPIs (1 monitored) for flexible remote control
Field replaceable sub-assemblies Enable faster service and maximum uptime
Listings / Approvals UL, ULC, VdS, CE, ActivFire, EN 54-20, ISO 7240-20
Standards for hole density and obscurity levels - Class A (80 holes / Fire 1 = 0.015% obs/m)
- Class B (80 holes / Fire 1 = 0.026% obs/m)
- Class C (100 holes / Fire 1 = 0.062% obs/m)

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