VEP-A10-P Vesda-E : Four Pipe Detector 3.5" Touch Screen Display - Black Edition

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Vesda-E VEP VEP-A10-P 4 Pipe Detector with 3.5" Touch Screen Display - Black: The Ultimate in Fire Safety Technology

Fire Trade Supplies is no stranger to the vital importance of advanced and reliable fire detection systems. As a leading name in manufacturing, design, and prototype expertise, our commitment to excellence is second to none. Today, we delve into one of our standout offerings, the Vesda-E VEP VEP-A10-P 4 Pipe Detector. A masterpiece of design and functionality, it comes complete with a 3.5" touch screen display in a sleek black casing.

"Your safety is our topmost priority, which is why we've partnered with Vesda Aspiration Systems to bring you the most innovative solutions."

Key Features of the Vesda-E VEP VEP-A10-P Four Pipe Detector

The Vesda-E VEP VEP-A10-P Four Pipe Detector is a state-of-the-art product that makes a significant impact in the fire safety industry. It's manufactured by Vesda VEP, a renowned name in fire safety, and offers advanced detection technology for early warning and nuisance alarm rejection.

1. Advanced Flair Detection Technology

This detector is a part of the esteemed VESDA-E VEP series and boasts of Flair detection technology, offering reliable and accurate detection. This cutting-edge technology assures you that the alarm system will trigger at the first hint of smoke, well ahead of a potential fire.

2. Absolute Calibration

The VEP detector assures absolute calibration, ensuring consistent performance throughout its lifetime. It's designed for a wide range of applications, further amplifying its utility.

3. Four Alarm Levels

With four alarm levels and a wide sensitivity range, the VEP detector adapts to various environments and conditions. It offers optimal protection by alerting users at different stages of a fire.

4. 3.5" Touch Screen Display

To enhance user-friendliness, the detector features a 3.5" touch screen display. This intuitive interface provides instant status information, contributing to rapid response times.

Seamless Connectivity and Backward Compatibility

The Vesda-E VEP VEP-A10-P Detector offers seamless connectivity options. Whether it's Ethernet, WiFi, USB, or VESDAnet capabilities, this device ensures that you're always in the loop.

It's also fully backward compatible with VLP and VESDAnet systems, making it a versatile addition to any fire safety infrastructure.

"The device is a technological marvel with an impressive arsenal of capabilities, including AutoLearn™ smoke and flow for commissioning, referencing to minimize nuisance alarms, and an extensive event log for analysis and diagnostics."

Remote Monitoring and iVESDA Software

Remote monitoring is possible through the iVESDA software. This empowers users to maintain a vigilant eye on their fire safety systems from anywhere in the world.


The Vesda-E VEP VEP-A10-P 4 Pipe Detector with 3.5" Touch Screen Display - Black is an advanced fire detection system that combines robust performance, sleek design, and user-friendly features. It aligns with Fire Trade Supplies' commitment to delivering top-quality fire safety solutions.

Key Feature Description
Flair Detection Technology Provides higher stability and increased longevity. The core of VESDA-E VEP, uses a CMOS imager combined with multiple photo-diodes for better detection and fewer nuisance alarms.
Installation, Commissioning and Operation VESDA-E VEP comes with a powerful aspirator supporting up to 560m of sampling pipe in the four pipe model. It offers out of box operation with features like AutoConfig, AutoLearn Smoke, and Flow. Fully supported by ASPIRE and Xtralis VSC software applications for easy design, commissioning, and maintenance.
VESDAnet™ VESDA devices communicate on VESDAnet, a robust bidirectional communication network that ensures redundant operation even during single point wiring failures. Enables primary reporting, centralized configuration, control, maintenance, and monitoring.
Ethernet and WiFi Connectivity VESDA-E detectors offer Ethernet and WiFi connectivity as standard features. This allows the detector to be added to a corporate network, enabling wireless connection via the network using WiFi enabled devices and PCs installed with Xtralis monitoring and configuration software.
Backward Compatibility VESDA-E VEP is compatible with existing VESDA installations, occupying the same mounting footprint, pipe, conduit and electrical connector positioning as VESDA VLP. VEP is also compatible with existing VESDAnet installations, allowing monitoring of both VESDA-E and legacy detectors via the latest iVESDA application.

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