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Testifire: Revolutionizing Fire Safety

Fire safety is no longer just about extinguishers and evacuation plans. It's an intricate dance of technology and preparedness. Enter Testifire, a champion in the industry of fire detection, making a grand entrance on the stage of safety.

Testifire is the prodigy born from the house of Detectortesters, a leading innovator in the fire safety sector. With Testifire, the focus isn't just on detection. It's about creating a secure environment, an integrated system that ensures your safety, the safety of your premises, and that of your loved ones.

"Fire safety is a commitment to life. Testifire takes it to heart."

Detectortesters: Pioneering Innovation

Detectortesters' journey into the realm of fire safety started with its versatile Solo Equipment. The Solo series, with products such as the Solo 330-001 No Climb Aerosol Smoke and CO Dispenser and the Solo 365 No Climb Smoke Tester, offered reliable and robust solutions to cater to all smoke detection needs.

The Solo series' innovation didn't stop there. It extended to tools like the Solo 424-001 No Climb Heat Detector Tester 220-240 Volt and the Solo 460-001 No Climb Cordless Heat Detector Tester, taking safety to a new level.

However, Detectortesters knew they could take it even further. They embarked on a new adventure—Testifire.

The Advent of Testifire

Testifire Logo

Testifire transformed the game, embodying the peak of Detectortesters' innovation. It's not just about detecting smoke or heat; it's a versatile system designed to handle smoke, heat, and CO detection in one straightforward solution. The Testifire 9mtr Smoke & Heat Kit exemplifies this breakthrough, providing a comprehensive safety solution.

Pole Position

A significant feature of the Testifire suite is its range of extension poles. From the Solo 108-001 No Climb Fibreglass 2-Section Telescopic Pole to the Solo 101-001 No Climb Fibreglass Extension Pole, these tools ensure safety is always within reach


Power Up

Testifire also offers a selection of power solutions like the Solo 760-001 No Climb Battery Baton and the Solo770-001 High Capacity Cordless Battery Baton, ensuring you are never out of juice when it comes to your safety.

The Future is Testifire

With Testifire, safety isn't just a protocol—it's a lifestyle. It's about understanding that every minute, every second counts. It's about making a promise to protect what matters most. In the world of fire safety, the future is Testifire.

With a plethora of tools and equipment available at Fire Trade Supplies, adopting Testifire is easier than ever. Make the right choice. Make the Testifire choice.

Because when it comes to safety, there's no room for compromise.