Ei146e Aico Optical Smoke Alarm (140e series)


Color: White
Style: Optical smoke detector
Sale price$27.00 USD


!! This Aico smoke alarm replaces the now obsolete Ei146RC!! 

At Fire Trade Supplies we supply the new and improved Aico Ei146e optical smoke alarm which replaces the old Ei146RC. This 230V AC mains powered device offer users a 9V alkaline battery back up to ensure reassurance the device can remain working in the event of a main failure. With the ability for the battery to last for up to 4 years, this offers the capability for the smoke detector to be powered for up to 2 years in the event of a fire.

Like all Aico detectors the Ei146RC comes complete with their signature “Easy fit” base, aiding in a quick and simple installation process.

The environment will determine which detector is suitable for the detection of different types of fire’s, so the end user should take time when decided the appropriate detector for specific rooms. Optical smokes work best at detection slow, burning fire which are commonly caused by sofas or electrical fires. More information can be found here

Visit our collection of Aico smoke alarms here to find which alarm will be best suited for you

The Ei146e is suitable for: Hallways, Landing, Livings Room, Dining Room, Bedroom

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