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Testifire 9001-001 Smoke and Heat Detector Test and Removal Kit - 9 Metres (30 ft):

At the cutting edge of fire safety technology stands the Testifire 9001, a device that radically alters the way we approach smoke and heat detector testing.

As the World's First Multi-Stimulus Detector Tester, this tool champions efficiency, productivity, and safety in the sphere of fire system servicing. 

Included in the Testifire 9001 Kit

1000-001 Testifire Smoke/Heat Head Unit x 1
TS3-6PACK-001 Smoke Capsule Cartridge x 1
Battery Baton x 2
SOLO 100 + 101 Poles x 3
Carrying Bag x 1
Removal Tool x 1
Universal Fast Charger


The Testifire 9001 Advantage:

With a focus on innovation and functionality, Testifire 9001 provides Faster and More Productive Testing, revolutionizing standard procedures.

This means reduced test times, lowering labor and shipping costs.

The reduced use of pressurized cans of gas also leads to a significant decrease in environmental impact. It's all in the details:

  • 30 ft in metres: The Testifire 9001 model comes with a 9-metre extendable removal kit, permitting easy accessibility to detectors installed in high and hard-to-reach places.
  • Multi-stimulus: This tool can stimulate both smoke and heat detectors simultaneously or individually, catering to the specific testing needs of different fire systems.

"Testifire 9001 is not just a tool; it's a game-changer in the field of fire system servicing, offering a unique blend of safety, efficiency, and versatility." - Marsden (Expert Enginner)


Testifire 9001 Benefit's


Solo Range Compatibility The kit is designed to work seamlessly with the Solo range, which includes extension poles, batteries, and charging units.
Quick Clearing Cycle Eliminates the issue of repeat alarms due to its swift clearing cycle.
Rapid Activation Times Combination detectors are activated in quick succession, saving valuable testing time.
Impressive Reach With a 9-meter reach, the Testifire 9001 can handle testing and removal of detectors at high elevations.
Efficiency Booster This all-in-one tool enhances operational efficiency, saving you money in the process.
User-friendly Less to carry, resulting in a more user-friendly experience.
Cost-Effective Transport The absence of pressurised gas canisters in its operation reduces transportation costs.

Seamless Compatibility:

Offering more than just a standalone product, Testifire 9001 is Fully Compatible with the Solo Range, a comprehensive collection of:

designed to maximize the utility and ease of use of the tester.

Patented, Safe Processes:

Testifire's Safe and Patented Testing Processes make it a trailblazer in its domain.

The TS3-001 single replacement Testifire smoke capsules provide a steady, controlled smoke output for testing, eliminating the need for harmful pressurized smoke cans.

Broad Application:

The Testifire 9001 is a fine example of a versatile tool, Ideal for Various Applications.

From land to air to marine, this innovative detector tester offers the ability to serve different environments and cater to unique needs effectively.

Marked by its superior technology and user-centric design, the Testifire 9001 stands as a paragon in its league.

It is not just a smoke test machine; it is a testament to our commitment to quality, safety, and innovation.

At Fire Trade Supplies, we are thrilled to bring you the Testifire 9001. Browse through our collections today and step into a safer future.

Testifire 9001 Specifications:

Testifire 9001-001

 Date Sheet

Testifire information

Testifire 9001-001

Users manual


Testifire 9001 data sheet





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James C
Fast Delivery + very efficient product

Great bit of kit and came with fast delivery, Bag can be a little heavy however there is a lot of kit to fit in, definitely makes weekly testing much easier and allows us to be more efficient

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