Solo 108 Telescopic Pole - 2.5 Metres - Solo Tester Equipment

DetectortestersSKU: SOLO 108-001

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Manufactured by Detectortesters, from the Solo range, our Solo 108 telescopic access pole is lightweight and portable and is the solution for all Solo tools. The fibreglass 4 section poles extends to 2.5 metres which allows smoke and heat detectors to be fitted with ease.

Should you require further reach, our Solo 108 telescopic access pole works in conjunction with our fibreglass extension pole with an extra 1.13 metres of height.

Click here for more information on our 1.13 Solo extension pole.

Full detail of Solo 108 Telescopic Access Pole:

  • SOLO 100/108 Telescopic Poles
  • Exceptionally lightweight and very portable
  • Lock system as standard named “Totalock”
  • Non Conductive Material
  • Makes the job more efficient
  • Strong & Durable Fibreglass
  • Can be used with all SOLO tools and attachments
  • Add SOLO 101-001 Extension poles

At Fire Trade Supplies, we offer a range of Solo Test Equipment accessories. Our fire test accessories cover most areas of your needs from smoke detector tester spray, fibreglass extension poles, removal tools, smoke testers, additional cables, aerosols to grips and silicone membranes - we’ve got it all.

Take a look at our range of solo smoke detector testers and accessories below. If you have any questions, please get in touch:

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