Ziton ZP2 Panel - Small Cabinet - 2 Loop (No LEDs) ZP2-F2-S-99

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Manufactured by Ziton, this Ziton ZP2 Panel - Small Cabinet - 2 Loop (No LEDs) ZP2-F2-S-99. The ZP2 series fire detection and alarm system makes the speed and functionality normally associated with high-end intelligent processing available to all applications small or large.

3rd party accreditation by the LPCB to EN54 ensures impressive next generation performance levels are achieved without compromising system reliability.

The ZP2 control panel boasts a contemporary appearance designed to fit with any decor. The option of a glazed door over the controls and indicators ensures the hi tech user interface can be discreetly neutralised to maintain the panel’s stylishly simple look.

System setup can be changed via the control panel’s Jog Dial and menu without the need for a computer. Alternatively, downloading locally via a laptop or USB memory stick together with Ethernet connectivity for event reporting and programming offers versatility that benefits the installer, maintainer and building owner alike.

Available as 1-2 loop and 1-4 loop variants, all incorporating a high speed, fault tolerant networking capability to allow scalability of the system for larger applications. Multiple control panels and repeaters all sit on the same secure network with cross network programming options and user control facilities to provide a single seamless coordinated system.

Ziton ZP2 Panel - Small Cabinet - 2 Loop (No LEDs) ZP2-F2-S-99 specifications / product detail are as follows:

Manufacturer: Ziton
Part Number: ZP2-F2-S-99

Benefits / Details of Ziton ZP2 Panel - Small Cabinet - 2 Loop (No LEDs) ZP2-F2-S-99 include:

  • Ziton ZP2 Panel - Small Cabinet - 2 Loop (No LEDs)
  • Part Number: ZP2-F2-S-99
  • Manufacturer: Ziton

Installation Manual FW3.5

Installation Manual FW2.0

Installation Manual

Operation Manual

Quick Operation Guide

Quick Installation Guide

Installation Manual FW3.0 Later

Other Technical Information

Compatibility List

Declaration of Performance

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