YBO-R/SCI(WHT/SNDR) Short-circuit Isolator Base for Wall Sounders (WHT)


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YBO-R/SCI(WHT/SNDR) Short-circuit Isolator Base for Wall Sounders (WHT)

Manufactured by Hochiki, this Hochiki YBO-R/SC (WHT/SNDR) Short-Circuit Isolator Base for Wall Sounders (WHT) is a Loop Isolator, which is fully compatible with Hochiki's ESP analogue addressable protocol. The YBO-R/SCI(WHT/SNDR) Base has been specifically designed to be compatible with the white wall sounder (CHQ-WS2(WHT)) and the white wall sounder beacon (CHQ-WSB2(WHT)).

The Base incorporates an amber LED to show when it is isolating a section of the loop. The YBO-R/SCI(WHT/SNDR) does not use an address, and has the same wiring configuration as the YBN-R/3 Sensor Base making it very simple to install. The YBO-R/SCI(WHT/SNDR) can also be used without a sounder; a cover (SI-CAP) can be fitted to conceal the wiring connections.

Product Details:

Manufacturer: Hochiki
Part Number: YBO-R/SCI (WHT/SNDR)

Key Features:

  • Status LED
  • Connection of up to 127 per loop
  • Allows connection of wall sounders from the ESP Range
  • Bayonet slot, low insertion force for detectors
  • Quick connection via square cable clamps
  • Also available in red (for use with red CHQ-WS2 Wall Sounders and red CHQ-WSB2 Wall Sounder Beacons).
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