YBN-UA(WHT) Recess Adaptor for White ESP & CDX Devices (requires installation kit YYA-A)


Sale price$9.00 USD


Model YBN-UA(WHT) is a mounting adaptor for both the ESP and CDX range of white sensors and detectors and their associated mounting bases.  The YBN-UA(WHT) allows a base and head combination to be flush mounted by providing a recess fixing the ceiling.

It is supplied with a fixing clamp kit (YYA-1) which secures the YBN-UA(WHT) within a pre-cut hole up to a maximum ceiling thickness of 30mm.

(shown with mounting base fitted - supplied separately)


  • Supplied with fixing brackets
  • Colour-matched to existing white sensor/detector ranges
  • Sturdy construction, easy to install
  • Suitable for a maximum ceiling thickness of 30 mm

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