YBN-R/3(WHT)-SCI-OEM Short Circuit Isolator Adaptor - base not included (white)


Sale price$12.00 USD


The YBN-R/3(WHT)-OEM-SCI is an adaptor featuring an integral short-circuit isolator, which has been designed to be fitted to a standard sensor mounting base (YBN-R/3) to convert it into a short-circuit isolator base. This combined unit will then detect and isolate short-circuits on the loop. When a short-circuit is detected the combined unit will drop the power to the rest of the loop. The combined unit is compatible with the ESP range of sensors and does not require a loop address. A remote fire LED facility is provided when a sensor is attached to the combined unit. This product is sold in a boxed quantity of 10 pieces (unit price shown). NOTE: A fitted sensor will still be powered when this device is isolating.
Converts standard mounting base to SCI base
  • Easy to fit
  • Ultra-slim profile
  • Matches standard base colours
  • Also available in ivory
  • Sold in a boxed quantity of 10 pcs
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