Vimpex Secure Mains Isolator Switch


VMIS2: Secure Mains Isolator Switch - Red - Flush - 8A
Sale price$26.00 USD


This product provides a secure method for safely isolating the mains voltage supply to fire systems in accordance with BS 5839: Part 1 : 2017. The unit is supplied in a complete enclosure, which is a standard single gang format with preformed holes for mounting on a surface or 20 mm conduit box. The unit can be accessed by rectangular surface trunking. Please follow the latest IET electrical wiring practices when installing the product. Features:- 

* Both the Live and Neutral supply is switched

* Integral fuse, which cannot be removed without taking the cover off

* The supply can only be isolated by an authorised person, by means of a keylock switch

* The key is removable in both ON/OFF positions

* When in the OFF position, the FUSE is disconnected from the supply


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