ViLX-OSB Lexicomm Type B Refuge Point


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ViLX-OSB Lexicomm Type B Refuge Point

Lexicomm Network is an all-inclusive Emergency Voice Communication system that blends Fire Telephone, Disabled Refuge & Emergency Assistance Alarm Systems in a unified powerful network. The Lexicomm Network range encompasses graceful touch screen master stations, system expander panels, repeater panels with suitable outstations for all functions.

These are primarily used by the public in disabled refuge areas, which should be provided on or near all protected stairwells to allow the orderly evacuation of people requiring assistance. Refuges are not just for wheelchair users, but for all people who may slow the egress of evacuees, and typically refers to those who cannot walk 200m without stopping or aid. The unit fits in a standard UK style double socket back-box and has a green “halo” to attract attention, especially in low light environments.

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