ViLX-ACA Lexicomm Assist Call Alarm WC System


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ViLX-ACA Lexicomm Assist Call Alarm WC System

The ViLX-ACA provides a simple solution to integrating emergency assist call systems within an EVCS, providing a single display point for all disabled calls within a building. It can be used on a dedicated line, or may share a line with the ViLX-OSB disabled refuge outstation, where operation of the refuge point over-rides the assistance call (ideal where a disabled toilet is adjacent to a refuge lobby) When a call is made the overdoor and cancel units emit a two tone siren with the “Halo” flashing, when the call is acknowledged from the EVCS controller the “Halo” on these units lights steadily and the tone double beeps every 15 seconds to reasure the caller help is on the way. As the ViLX-ACA is connected to a lexicomm master station the plates and cables are fully end of line monitored and battery backed as standard. The outstation is supplied with a brushed stainless finish and a Blue HALO to aid location. The ability to use a standard ‘MK’ double gang back box means only one type of panel is required for flush and surface installations reducing stocking requirements.

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