ViLX-228-8 Lexicomm Master Station

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ViLX-228-8 Lexicomm Master Station

This system is ideal for the small installation and can be shipped as a 2, 4, 6 or 8 line unit. No software or programming is involved and it is as easy as plug and play to install.

Lexicomm 8 line master station, the LX228 is supplied in a wall mount enclosure with space for battery (not supplied requires 1x 12V 7A/H VRSLA), connects to type A, type B, type C and jack point outstations. Built in network allows for a master & slave system or can be connected as a local master as part of a 64 panel Lexicomm Network system for larger network projects. 8x front panel buttons with RGB LED's and 7 status LED's. Compliant to BS5839pt9 2011.


Click here for the ViLX-228 datasheet

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