VIGPLUS-72 1 to 6 Loop Vigilon Plus Control Panel c/w 1 loop card Battery Enclosure and 4 x 21Ah batteries


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1 to 6 Loop Vigilon Plus Control Panel c/w 1 loop card Battery Enclosure and 4 x 21Ah batteries (supplied in Black)

The Vigilon Plus range of control panels are available in 4 loop and 6 loop versions. The 6 loop Vigilon with external batteries will support a system for 72hrs in the event of a mains power failure.

Certified to EN54 parts 2 and 4 Vigilon may be supplied with or without an on-board printer and has a full Qwerty style keyboard allowing full control and management of the system from the panel if required.

Large multi-panel networks accommodating up to 200 devices on each loop and with multipanel networks Vigilon provides a versatile solution for protecting buildings of all sizes.

Key Features:

• Integral EN54-4 PSU for 72 hours with external batteries (6 loop)

• Vigilon’s advanced sensing technology and powerful software processing in the panel quickly identifies real fires

• PC based commissioning tools allow complex fire plans to be configured

• Advanced loop card technology allows for system status monitoring and diagnostics

• Vigilon Plus can also be supplied in a range of custom colour outer doors

• The control panel has a simple user interface with LCD screen providing accurate information in an emergency

• Multiple panel networks can be programmed seamlessly as one system, allowing for flexible design and system management

• Flexible programming options are available at the panel

• All Vigilon devices connect onto the same two core loop, separate sounder or repeater panel wiring circuits are not required

• In the event of a fire or fault, Vigilon’s analogue addressable technology will provide a detailed log of events

• PC based Graphics user interface (GUI) available

• Extended event log using flash memory card


Click here for the VIGPLUS-72 Datasheet

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