Solo 822 Smoke/Heat Detector Test and Removal Kit - 6 Metres

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Solo 822 - Smoke and Heat Detector Test and Removal Kit - Cordless: Your Ultimate Test Solution

Professional engineers worldwide are in the perpetual pursuit of innovative, reliable and efficient testing equipment.

When it comes to testing and removing smoke detectors and heat detectors, the Solo 822 Smoke and Heat Detector Test and Removal Kit is your universal solution.

Why Solo 822?

With the cordless and reliable Solo 822, say goodbye to the need for ladders and expensive scaffolding.

This incredible product is designed with safety and efficiency in mind, eliminating risks and complying with the Safe Working at Height Regulations 2005.

Moreover, it's an exquisite demonstration of our commitment to providing high-quality testing equipment.

Featuring a well-crafted design, the Solo 822 not only allows for smoke detector testing but also is excellent for heat detector testing.

The telescopic access poles that come with the kit are non-conductive, providing an additional safety layer when working with electrical systems.

They're available in two working heights, adding an extra layer of convenience.

Experience the seamless blend of functionality and design with Solo 822.

The smoke dispenser efficiently releases smoke in measured concentrations to test the detectors, while the heat detector tester safely simulates heat for testing purposes.

Component Name Description / Contains
Solo 100 Fibreglass Telescopic Pole 4 Sections, extends up to 4.5 metres
Solo 200 Universal Detector Dismantling Instrument Designed to safely remove detectors
Solo 330 Aerosol Smoke Emission Device Allows smoke dispersion for testing
Solo 610 Protective Storage/Transport Bag For safely carrying and storing all components
Solo A10 Non-flammable Aerosol 150ml, used for smoke detector tests
Solo 461 Wireless Heat Detector Testing Kit Includes:
Solo 460 Heat Detector Principal Unit Heat detecting main unit for testing
Solo 770 Wireless Heat Detector Tester Battery Baton Battery Baton for the wireless heat detector
Solo 727 Wireless Heat Detector Charger 240V Mains & Vehicle Compatible charger for the heat detector tests


The Solo Advantage

Efficient Battery Baton

Engineers who want more bang for their buck should look no further than the Solo 770 Battery Baton. With its 3000mAh capacity, it allows for more tests per battery charge, thus increasing your efficiency on the field and site.

Improved Charging

The Solo 727 charger is a perfect example of innovation at its best. Capable of charging the new, higher capacity battery batons from both mains power and in-vehicle outlets, it allows for fast and convenient charging.


Convenient Kits

Select from a range of convenient kits available in various configurations to meet your unique testing requirements.

All our kits, from simple starter kits to the more comprehensive ones, come with a purpose-designed carry bag/storage case. This makes it not only practical but also presents a professional image when arriving on-site.

Pricing & Availability

Starting from £1,331.15 Ex VAT, the Solo 822 Smoke & Cordless Heat Detector Test Set offers exceptional value for money.

The product is currently in stock and available for global delivery, ensuring you receive your equipment when and where you need it.

To make an informed purchase decision, refer to our detailed product information section, where you can find comprehensive technical data, features, benefits and much more.

In a nutshell, whether you are searching for a "heat detector test kit" or the "solo 822 001" or any related equipment, at Fire Trade Supplies, we have you covered with our premium Solo collection.

Explore our range of Solo products today, and step into a world of unparalleled testing efficiency!

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