SCU-16 16 Line Slave EVC Expansion Unit

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SCU-16 16 Line Slave EVC Expansion Unit

The C-Tec SCU-16, 16 Line Slave EVC Expansion Unit is used to expand the capabilities of the CCU-16 Master EVC Control Unit. Each SCU-16 unit expands the CCU-16 in 16 line multiples, with a maximum of 7 SCU-16 slave units per CCU-16 master unit.

Adding 7 SCU-16 units will allow the system to have a maximum of 128 outstation lines.

Line cards are not included and MUST be purchased separately. For every two Type A outstations connected, an LC2 2-Way Line Card is required and for every two Type B outstations, an LC3 2-Way Line Card is required.

  • Supports Type-A and Type-B outstations
  • Power Supply:
    • Mains Supply: 230Vac @ 50/60Hz
    • Internal Supply: 27.6 Vdc
    • Output current: 1A Max.
  • The system is fully monitored, extremely cost-effective and meets and exceeds the requirements of BS 5839 part 9 when correctly installed
  • Base dimensions: Width 412 mm x Height 250 mm x Depth 80 mm  
  • Lid dimensions: Width 435 mm x Height 269 mm x Depth 11 mm  
  • Weight, unpacked 3.1 Kg, packed 4.0 Kg

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