S4-34741-03 Gent Parallel Bracket & Base

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Gent by Honeywell’s S-Quad Beam Sensors provides an enhanced solution for linear beam detection for applications where point detection is either not practical or economic.

Powered and controlled via the loop, the beam is a market leading device with features such as ‘one man alignment and commissioning’ which is achieved using the auto gain setting, this ensure the optimum alignment is reached.

Maintenance of the beam is enhanced with a key operated test feature which simulates the obscuration of the beam in a fire. The Gent loop powered beam is certified to EN54 parts 12 and 17.

The S4-700 Gent Vigilon Detector Base is the most common detector base which is designed  for the Gent S-Quad range of analogue addressable smoke and heat detectors. This base is a favourite for some as it is not only compatible with Gent panels and devices. This base can work on Sentri systems and SMS. 

Some of the key feature which make this product so attractive to their consumers are that it comes with a complete range of sensors with advanced and technical sensing technologies including which include heat, dual angle optical scatter and carbon monoxide (CO)

Each sensor come standard with certified sensitivity settings that will suit and be able to work in certain environments/ applications and may be programmed for different times of the day if required. There is also a short circuit Isolator in each device which will reduce cost as this means an . If you can’t find what you are looking for here or if you have a specific query, then don’t hesitate to give us a call on +443300563094 or email us on sales@firetradesupplies.com.

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