ORB-MB-50018-APO Orbis I.S. TimeSaver Base

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ORB-MB-50018-APO Orbis I.S. TimeSaver Base

The Orbis I.S. TimeSaver Base provides installers with an open working area with fixing holes shaped to allow a simple mounting procedure.

 Key Features:

  • Grouped terminals to make wiring easy
  • Two fixing centres
  • LED alignment mark
  • Detector locking mechanism

What is Intrinsic Safety? (I.S.)

For cost & mechanical reasons, fire detectors are made intrinsically safe rather than flameproof. Intrinsically safe equipment operates at such low power and with such small amounts of stored energy that it is incapable of causing ignition.

About Apollo Orbis:

  • Quicker and easier installations and servicing
  • Improved false alarm rejection
  • Variety of detectors for fast, accurate fire detection in different environments

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