ORB-DB-00003-APO Orbis TimeSaver Base - Diode

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ORB-DB-00003-APO Orbis TimeSaver Base - Diode

The Orbis TimeSaver Base has the same design as the standard TimeSaver Base with the addition of a diode. It is used in systems which use active EOL monitoring for head removal.

 Key Features:

  • Grouped terminals to make wiring easy
  • Two fixing centres
  • LED alignment mark
  • Cable stripping guide
  • Detector locking mechanism
  • Continuity link for voltage testing of zone wiring prior to commissioning
  • Other devices continue to work during unauthorised removal of detectors

About Apollo Orbis:

  • Quicker and easier installations and servicing
  • Improved false alarm rejection
  • Variety of detectors for fast, accurate fire detection in different environments

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