NKS2X3/LED/IP65/NM3 NVC Twinspot IP65 2x3w LED Non Maintained


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NKS2X3/LED/IP65/NM3 Twinspot IP65 2x3w LED Non Maintained


  • Combined body and LED heads suitable for general industrial use 0C to +40C
  • Seperate body and heads designed especially for cold store operation. Body rated to 0C heads rated to -30C


  • 2 x 3W combined body and heads for use from 0C - +40C
    -340 lumens output
    -Indicator lights and audible buzzer (which can be disconnected_ to indicate test status
  • Standard (self-test) version
    - Self-test compliant with BS5266 comprising a monthly functional test and an annual 3 hour test
  • Remote-controlled manual text version
    - Manual 10s test actuated via a convienent remote handset. Handset included with each fitting.
    -Longer tests (eg annual 3 hour test) all manually actuated eg via a keyswitch
    - To order, use suffix RC
  • 2X 10W remote head and body for cold store use to -30C
    -500 lumens output
    -Manual test
    -Indicator lights to show test status

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