NFXI-WS-W Notifier Addressable Wall Mounted Sounder With Isolator

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NFXI-WS-W Notifier Addressable Wall Mounted Sounder With Isolator

High quality loop powered device designed to alert building occupants of an emergency. Featuring fast and simple installation and control it is powered by the fire panel via the loop wiring. Control of the device is enabled using on-board switches or via the Opal digital protocol using the control panel. The range is installed simply by a twist fit onto the B501AP base.

Key Features:

  • Faster installation - The large cable access, rear or surface cable entry options and innovative loop continuity spring all make for faster more cost effective installation.
  • Reduced install errors and easy fault finding - devices are mounted using a positive push and turn engagement system and are supplied with an address tag for clear identification. Isolation is built-in to each device and addressing is made simple by familiar rotary wheel address controls. In addition each device incorporates an anti-tamper feature giving added security.
  • Excellent system performance - High light output and a selection of 32 sounder tones can be synchronised via the Notifier control panel to provide fast clear warning of a fire related incident.
  • Flexible installation - The low current draw of the devices enables more devices on each loop. This combined with the wide range of devices and mounting options including deep and high IP options, white or red colour options and sounder volume controllable from the panel or the sounder itself all make for greater flexibility for the system designer.
  • Reduced lifetime costs - each device in the Opal AV range is constructed from high quality UV stable materials, designed for impact resistance and years of trouble free operation. If changes to a system are required the universal system base means a sounder/beacon can be added without re-wiring.
  • Reduced inventory count - Notifier’s Opal AV range now utilizes the B501AP system base, - common to detectors. The Opal AV range is designed to maximise the features of Notifier’s advanced digital Opal protocol but remains backward compatible with previous Notifier communication protocols so can be used for retrofit and replacement for older systems. Opal AV devices provide both standard wall mounting units and integrated base units allowing the direct fitting of Notifier detectors. Wall mounting units are available as a sounder, sounder & beacon combination and a beacon only with sounder colour options of both red and white. Integrated base sounder units are also available as either a sounder or a sounder and beacon combination in colours to match the detectors.

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