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The Pinnacle of Fire Safety - NFXI-OPT

At Fire Trade Supplies, we offer a multitude of high-quality fire safety solutions. Today, we delve into the magic of the NFXI-OPT, an extraordinary piece of technology from our expansive Notifier collection.

The Intricate Makeup of NFXI-OPT

The NFXI-OPT, often referred to as an 'opal detector,' stands out as an analog smoke detector engineered with finesse and precision. It embraces a hi-opt 2 system, exhibiting a magnificent blend of design, functionality, and safety. The NFXI-OPT embodies a bold aesthetic with a sleek, detector white casing, making it both a visually pleasing and functional asset to any building.

Unleashing the Potency of the NFXI-OPT

A notable mention in the realm of Notifier smoke detectors, the NFXI-OPT extends beyond the norm. It not only detects smoke but also tracks the changes in the environment that may indicate a potential fire hazard. This analog detector's primary features include:

  1. Sensitivity Adjustment: Adjusts based on the environment and minimizes false alarms.
  2. Intelligent Data Analysis: Constantly processes data to discern between fire-like phenomena and actual fires.
  3. Durable Design: The robust construction ensures longevity and reliability.

"It's not just a smoke detector notifier, it's a promise of safety and tranquility."

Associated Notifier Marvels

In our extensive range of Notifier detectors, several products synchronize well with the NFXI-OPT. The B501AP Notifier Analogue Addressable Detector Base, for instance, offers an ideal platform for our analogue addressable smoke detectors.

Then we have our formidable Notifier Fixed Temp Heat Detectors - NFXI-TFIX78 and NFXI-TFIX58. Both excel in their temperature monitoring and detection prowess, making them fantastic companions to the NFXI-OPT.

Delving into the Technical Specifications

The NFXI-OPT doesn't just stand tall on the optical smoke detector price parameter but also impresses with its technical competencies. It integrates smoothly with our hi-opt 2 system, and features intelligent sensitivity adjustments. This analogue addressable smoke detector does an excellent job of detecting smoky, slow-burning fires while reducing false alarms. It represents a harmony between cost-effectiveness, performance, and reliability.

At Fire Trade Supplies, we strive to provide you with the best of the best. Our extensive collection of fire safety products, like the NFXI-OPT, are meticulously chosen to ensure maximum safety and peace of mind.

Mechanical Specification
Height 52mm installed in B501AP base
Diameter 102mm installed in B501AP base
Weight 97g (inc base)
Max Wire Gauge for Terminals 2.5mm²
Colour White
Material PC/ABS
Electrical Specification
Operating Voltage Range 15 to 28.5Vdc
Max. Standby Current 200μA @ 24Vdc (no communications) / 300μA @ 24Vdc (LED blink enabled, once every 5 seconds)
Maximum Continuous Current 1A (switch closed)
Isolation Current 15mA @ 24Vdc
LED Current - Red 3.5mA @ 24Vdc
LED Current - Green 7.0mA @ 24Vdc
LED Current - Yellow 10.5mA @ 24Vdc
Remote Output Voltage 22.5Vdc
Remote Output Current 10.8mA @ 24Vdc
Additional loop resistance typ 80mohm @ 24V (max 170mohm @ 15V)
Environmental Specifications
Temperature Range -30°C to +70°C†
Humidity 10 to 93% relative humidity (non-condensing)
IP Rating IP40 when installed in B501AP base, IP43 when installed in WB-1AP base

Please note that while the NFXI-OPT operates effectively across a broad temperature range, it's always critical to install it in an environment that matches its IP rating to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

NFXI-OPT smoke detector range

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