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Gent S4-711: A Groundbreaking Innovation in Fire Safety

At Fire Trade Supplies, we take pride in sourcing products that push the boundaries of technology. We're excited to introduce you to our new addition - the Gent S4-711 S-Quad Optical Heat Detector from GENT, one of the pioneering names in fire safety.

The Product: Gent Compact-LPC-EN Loop Card

One standout feature of the Gent S4-711 is the integration of the Gent Compact-LPC-EN Loop Card. This remarkable innovation enables the fire alarm control panel to process more data, thereby enhancing the system's overall functionality and efficiency.

> "The Gent COMPACT-LPC-EN is a single loop card for use with the Gent Vigilon Compact fire alarm control panel. It allows the addition of an additional loop circuit onto the panel. The Vigilon Compact Panel has a maximum capacity of 2 loop cards."

The Manufacturer: GENT

GENT has a rich history of delivering state-of-the-art fire detection and alarm systems. Their uncompromising commitment to quality and innovation sets them apart in the industry, as exemplified by the S4-711.

The Product Code: Compact-LPC-EN

The Compact-LPC-EN product code corresponds to the loop card that brings the true power of the S4-711 to life.

This technological masterpiece serves as the link between advanced detection capabilities and the control panel, seamlessly transmitting data for efficient processing.

Key Features: Compliance and Capacity Enhancement

The S4-711 has several noteworthy features:

  • It is compliant with EN54 pt 23, setting the standard for fire detection and fire alarm systems across Europe.
  • With the inclusion of the Compact-LPC-EN, it significantly expands the capacity of the Vigilon Compact and Compact Plus fire alarm systems.

Truly Intelligent Sensor: The Core of the Gent S4-711

The S4-711 is not your average heat detector. It's a truly intelligent sensor equipped with computing power that works in harmony with analogue addressable control panels. This means it goes beyond just smoke detection to offer precise heat detection, enhancing the reliability of the fire alarm system.

For fire safety solutions that encompass smoke detection, heat detection, and heat sensing equipment, check out our range of Gent products. We also offer detectors with varying heat detector temperature ranges, such as the S4-911 model.

Join us in ushering a new era of fire safety with Gent's S4-711 Optical Heat Detector. Embrace the sophistication of its design and the reliability of its performance. Fire Trade Supplies is here to help you take the next step towards advanced fire safety.

What is the maximum temperature range detectable by the s4-711 gent s-quad dual optical heat detector?

The s4-711 Gent S-Quad Dual Optical Heat Detector is capable of detecting temperatures ranging from 54°C to 65°C.

This analogue addressable detector features a multi-sensor element that uses two optical sensors to detect smoke and a heat sensor to detect temperature changes.

Professional installers, such as contractors and electricians, who specialise in the installation of fire detection equipment can rely on the s4-711 Gent S-Quad Dual Optical Heat Detector to provide reliable and accurate fire detection, when paired with the compatible Honeywell Gent Vigilon system.

Honeywell Gent S4-711 Dual optical


Is the s4-711 gent s-quad dual optical heat detector compatible with other alarm systems?

The S4-711 Gent S-Quad Dual Optical Heat Detector is designed to be compatible with Gent's Vigilon analogue addressable fire detection system. therefore, it may not be compatible with other alarm systems.

We recommend consulting with the manufacturer or a professional installer to confirm compatibility before purchasing or installing the detector.

It's crucial to ensure that all fire detection equipment is compatible with the alarm system to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the overall system.

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