Engineer Spare Fuse Set


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We are pleased to introduce a fuse set for all fire engineers, contained within the easy to carry & store container is a range of 18 different types of fuses.

This fuse set includes 3 different style of fuse, 20mm time delay, 20mm quick blow & 32mm quick blow fuses there are 4 different rated fuses of the 20mm quick blow, 10 different rated fuses of the 20mm quick blow & 4 different rated types of 32mm quick blow.

Replacement fuses are available if required, in packs of 10 therefore when the fuses supplied within in this set are utilised you will not need to re-order a full set simply the ones required. To get you & your customer up and running again.

20mm Time Delay 1a 5   20mm Quick Blow 3.15a 5
20mm Time Delay 2a 5   20mm Quick Blow 4a 5
20mm Time Delay 3.15a 5   20mm Quick Blow 5a 5
20mm Time Delay 5a 5   20mm Quick Blow 6.3a 5
20mm Quick Blow 500ma 5   20mm Quick Blow 10a 5
20mm Quick Blow 1a 5   32mm Quick Blow 1a 5
20mm Quick Blow 1.6a 5   32mm Quick Blow 2a 5
20mm Quick Blow 2a 5   32mm Quick Blow 5a 5
20mm Quick Blow 2.5a 5   32mm Quick Blow 10a 5


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